Claps and Drums

By: Zverev_Al

Item ID: 90283753

Duration: 00:00:29

Description: Suitable for: Music is well suited for advertising, corporate videos, slideshow, or a bright light video. For extreme sports videos. Suitable for background. Suitable for a motivating, and video travel. Perfect for business presentation, action trailer, sports video, opener, intro, commercial, game, movie, teaser, epic and others tipes of video.


action, stomping, ethno, world beat, modern, street, adventure, power, nature, african tribe, tribe, nation, rhythmic, upbeat, beat, drums, dynamic, energetic, epic, exciting, festive, furious, groovy, heroic, inspirational, lively, claps, motivational, percussion, powerful, trailer, travel, urban, video game, africa, african, asia, advertising, asian, sport, energy, chearleader, football, opener, promo, beauty, racing, teaser, stomp, extreme